For 34 years, we have been working with the motto “Great Projects Require Great Experience,” blending the experience we have gained from our massive projects with new knowledge.

This experience is our most important strength.

Our second significant strength is our commitment to maintaining the trust that investors have in us while implementing crucial projects that contribute to society and the Turkish economy. These are the two major keys leading us to success. The success and experience we gain from each project where we construct new living spaces form the building blocks that enable us to do even better in the next one. We continue to progress towards our goal of creating sustainable environments in all projects that leave a mark on the future by utilizing the right knowledge, resources, and technologies.

One of the pioneering projects of Avcılar Construction, Avcılar Exclusive Bayraklı, achieved great success by delivering offices 9 months ahead of schedule and residences 8 months ahead of schedule to investors. Investors also witnessed a record-breaking success in the “Avcılar Next” project, which was built on a 10,000-square-meter plot of land completed by Avcılar Construction, with 85% of it being sold before the foundation was even laid.

Idris Avcı emphasized the priority of the trust that investors have in them and stated that they work day and night with a strong team to fulfill their commitments. Expressing their emotional connection to Izmir, Avcı emphasized their goal of bringing modern and comfortable living spaces to the city, promising not to leave the sacrifices of investors unrewarded.

With Love and Respect,
Chairman of the Board of Directors

İdris Avcı