Ethical Principles

How Does Avcılar Construction Work on Building Safety?

First, we conduct a soil study. Imagine an empty piece of land; we use devices that can go 100 meters deep into the ground to take soil core samples. The soil class is determined based on the soil that will be extracted after taking the core sample. Regardless of the result, we improve the soil. We always use bored piles and jet grout systems in our foundations. We also pay close attention to the expansion joints in our structures. This way, we prevent damage to the structure due to differences in the ground where the structure is seated and temperature changes.

How Does the Construction Process Work?

Behind every project, there is a strong team. We have both a design office and a technical office within our organization. The design office consists of architects and engineers located in the central building, while the technical team consists of architects and engineers at the construction site. The ideas of the management are transformed into designs by architects in the design office and communicated to the technical office. The technical office then implements, monitors, and analyzes the project on-site.

What Sets Avcılar Construction Apart from Other Construction Companies?

Trust is at the core of our foundation. We also differentiate ourselves through early delivery and quality workmanship. In reality, we are creating eco-friendly and happy living spaces for people. When a family enters our projects, they can meet all their needs without leaving the site, from swimming pools to cinemas and fitness centers. In our projects, we are essentially transforming the entire face of the region.

What is the Secret to the Success of Early Deliveries?

The trust our investors have in Avcılar comes first and foremost. To fulfill our commitments and deliver the project on the promised date, we take all necessary precautions and work tirelessly day and night. We often deliver much earlier than promised. This is because our team is very strong, and we have never had any issues with our staff or workmanship. As you may know, we completed the commercial section of our Exclusive project 9 months early and handed over the keys, and we delivered the residential section 8 months early. This has become an Avcılar tradition, and we take pride in delivering our Avcılar Next project 6 months ahead of schedule.

What is Your Priority in Supplier Selection?

We only work with firms that can fulfill their commitments. For example, we tell a concrete company that our foundation concrete will be completed within 48 hours, and we pour 10,000 square meters of foundation concrete. They know that we are very particular about this. We schedule appointments a month in advance, and they prepare accordingly, mobilizing all their resources for us.