As Avcılar, we have been bringing together the past and the future with solutions that will improve the lives of individuals since 1989, and we continue to take part in important projects that ensure the growth of society and the Turkish economy. Until our 32nd year, we continue to adopt the motto “Big Projects Require Big Experience” by blending the experiences we have gained with our giant projects we have built with new knowledge.

The success and experience we have gained in each of our projects where we build new living spaces constitute our building blocks that enable us to do better in our next project. As Avcılar, we continue to move forward with our goal of creating sustainable environments by utilizing the right information, resources and technologies in all the projects we have done so far and will do in order to leave a mark on the future.

Today, as one of Turkey’s leading and innovative construction companies, we take our steps with the elements of “supporting life” and “reaching further” in all the projects we build. With our giant projects that change the face of Izmir, we continue our journey of success with the goal of always building better and “creating a beautiful future” for everyone.

Our essence comes from the values we believe in. Our most important goal is to combine these values with our stakeholders, employees and customers.

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