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In the century of the Republic, we have been in Izmir for thirty-five years!

As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of our Republic these days, we take great pride in serving our country, Turkey, for 35 years. With a working approach that is integrated with the values of our country and has become a tradition, we continue to produce for “More Life.”

Avcılar, which continues to produce modern and life-touching living spaces, places the value of “Passion for Humanity” at the forefront of its principles. In line with this principle, it presents the living spaces it has created with great care to investors, with the highest quality of materials and the utmost attention to detail in implementation.

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35th Year Catalog

İdris Avcı

Avcılar İnşaat Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı

Big Projects

Require Big Experience

Earn While Buying, Selling, Renting!

As Office Real Estate, we carry out all the necessary procedures with you before the sale or lease of our investments. We investigate the risk analysis and credit ratings of your potential tenants for your investment. We undertake all the necessary paperwork to make the best use of your investment. We carry out all maintenance of your investment with expert teams before renting.

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