Avcılar Next

Project Details

Project Date : 2020

Location : Bornova

Everything About Izmir is Right Next to You!

Avcılar NEXT introduces Izmir to the concept of “new generation investment”, which will make the LIVER with its location, comfort, infrastructure, modern architecture and unique living spaces, and the INVESTOR with its ever-increasing investment value.

In Avcılar NEXT, all the details that will make both your life and your investment more prestigious have been thought down to the finest detail.

Project Features

Approximately 10.000 m2 Construction Area 

Studio (1+0) – 1+1 and 2+1 Apartment Options 

Fully Furnished 

1000 m2 Social Area 

Swimming Pool

Avcilar Next Bazaar

Right opposite Avcılar NEXT Bazaar is Forum Bornova, the most popular shopping center of Izmir!

Designed with all your needs in mind with its restaurants, cafes, shops and shopping centers, Avcılar NEXT Bazaar has everything you are looking for under your roof!

Social Areas

Those who own an apartment in Avcılar NEXT also own a 1000 m2 social area! With its fitness center, swimming pool, entertainment hall, pilates and kick boxing areas, vitamin bar, cafe and many more unique project features, everything you need is just a step away in Avcılar NEXT… 


Located next to Forum Bornova, the most dynamic shopping center of the region, Avcılar NEXT is also very close to the ring road, metro, hospitals and universities. Avcılar NEXT, which is in the center of an active and established living area, promises you, the investors, a vibrant commercial life.

Avcılar Next

Everything About Izmir is Right Next to You!

Surrounded by Izmir’s best shopping centers, universities, colleges and hospitals, Avcılar NEXT is located at Forum Bornova intersection, one minute away from the ring road. 


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