Our Passion
is Human

Life First

As Avcılar, we strive to understand the needs of our customers and meet their expectations, regardless of the size and difficulty of our projects. At this point, we develop customized solutions in cooperation with our customers. For our projects, we ensure the optimum use of the best experts and resources for on-time delivery, quality work, the highest level of safety and sustainable results. For us, customer satisfaction is always our top priority. 

Innovation & Technology

We approach every kind of innovation with an open mind. We use developing technology as a driving force that will constantly push our projects forward. With this in mind, we invest heavily in developing our projects, business processes and employees. 


Since the day we were founded, we strive to achieve the highest performance and success in every project we build. Our goal is to always move forward in the construction industry and compete with our major competitors in both national and international markets. 

Strong Cooperation

We act with the awareness that we are responsible for the environment and people in all our activities. We attach great importance to occupational safety at every stage of our projects. The safety of every living being involved in or affected by our activities is of great importance to us. Modernism is everything for us! We develop sustainable solutions to modernize traditional construction methods and practices and reduce negative impacts on people and the environment.