Izmir’s Biggest Apartment Sold for 25 Million


Izmir’s Biggest Apartment Sold for 25 Million

Avcılar, lüks anlayışını tamamen değiştirecek. En konforlu, en çevreci, en modern, en güvenli, en iyi lokasyona ve saymakla bitmeyecek “en”lere sahip Avcılar Lusso Bornova, İzmir'in lüks değil mega lüks projesi olacak.

Avcılar will completely change the concept of luxury. Avcılar Lusso Bornova, which is the most comfortable, the most environmentally friendly, the most modern, the most modern, the safest, the best location, and has endless “bests” to count, will be the mega luxury project of Izmir, not the luxury project.

Avcılar İnşaat has completely changed the concept of luxury with its latest project Avcılar Lusso Bornova. Avcılar Lusso Bornova, which started a new era of life that adds value to life with its flamboyant, superior and dazzling, has become the mega luxury project of Izmir.

In the mega luxury project, which appeals to the search for spacious and magnificent residences, ‘Izmir’s largest and most luxurious apartment’ has already reached its owner. Designed as 9 rooms and 2 living rooms, the 1000 square meter apartment with unique features was purchased by an Italian businessman of Turkish origin for 25 million liras.

70 mega luxury apartments

Avcılar Lusso Bornova, which diffuses the light and provides maximum control of the sky and the view with its viewing angle, is designed for large families. 4+1, 5+1, 6+2, 7+2, 9+2 apartment options vary between 155 and 1000 square meters.

İdris Avcı, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Avcılar, said that they added the comfort of mega luxury as an added value to residence life with this project. Avcı said, “Mega luxury is actually a way of life. It expresses the highest quality in all details, respect for people and nature as much as it is flashy, and a way of life that adds meaning to life as much as it is dazzling.” Stating that Avcılar Lusso Bornova, which reflects Izmir’s natural environment, spatial development and urban texture features, is a “mega luxury” project that will be admired not only in Turkey but also in the world, Avcı said, “All the details of luxury that does not fit into dreams are in Avcılar Lusso Bornova. 70 special families will feel the privilege at every moment of their lives in this exclusive project.”

Apartments with garden in villa concept

Avcılar Lusso Bornova draws attention with its large garden terraced apartments that breathe and have the comfort of a villa. It combines villa garden life with the comfort of a residence with its apartments with garden terraces embracing the sky. Apartments with garden terraces have large areas both indoors and in the garden. Green building

Designed as an environmentally friendly and ecosystem sensitive “Green Building”. Maximum care was taken to protect natural resources at every stage of construction. No toxic materials are used in the construction of the building. It has the technology to produce the energy required for common areas with renewable energy sources. Therefore, there is no dues problem in common expenses.

Earthquake resistant

Avcılar Lusso Bornova is being built according to the latest earthquake regulations. The “jet-grout” method, a modern ground improvement technique, was used. Thanks to its “raft foundation”, the entire load is evenly distributed to the ground. Thus, damage is prevented as the raft foundation will move with the structure in case of an earthquake.

4 thousand square meters of social area

It has a huge 4 thousand square meter social area. Indoor and outdoor swimming pool, Turkish bath, sauna, sports areas, fitness, pilates and kick box hall, kindergarten, movie theater, children’s playground, hobby hall, billiard and table tennis hall, and kindergarten are just a few of them.


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