Avcılar İnşaat
About the Project

Avcılar Caddebostan built at the most popular investment area of Yeni Bornova at the most premium location in İzmir, offers you a key to a profitable life already.

Once Istanbul-İzmir Highway is completed, it will be the first project in the region to get the city's most valuable spot title, and thus it proves it will increase its value in a short time.

While the smallest apartments in Avcılar Caddebostan, which is located on an area of 6.000 square meters and targets 100% family life concept, starts from 2 + 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 options are waiting for you at attractive prices.

Avcılar Caddebostan, which has the largest closed social facility of 1500 square meters and 18 acres of landscaping area in front of it, promises to invest far beyond a an apartment for your future.

With the opportunities from the indoor and outdoor swimming pool to the mini football and golf course, from fitness, kick box and gym to spa, Turkish bath and sauna, from table tennis, table football and karaoke to pocket cinema, it enables you to spend more time with yourself and have a unique working experience with the meeting room.

Avcılar Caddebostan located at the beginning of Istanbul-İzmir Highway is;

- 15 km away from Kemalpaşa OIS,

- 25 km away from Manisa OIS,

- 3.5 km away from Yaşar University,

- 2 km away from Bornova Anatolian High School, Private İzmir Turkish College and Izmir College,

- 3 km away from University metro station,

- 4 km away from Ege University Hospital,

- 3 km away from Türkan Özilhan Public Hospital,

- 3 km away from Forum Bornova ve Ikea, and accordingly, this eliminates the problem of transportation.

- Park Bornova AVM’ye 2 km kadar yakın bir lokasyona sahip olması ise konforlu bir hayata başlayacağınızı müjdeliyor.

- The fact that it is 2 km from Park Bornova Mall, makes it the perfect place to start a comfortable life.

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