Avcılar İnşaat

Let some fresh air into the area you live in!

People spare most of their time in indoor areas such as houses, offices, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, sports halls. For this reason, these people breathe the air that are present in indoor areas instead of open and fresh air.
The air which is inhaled in indoor areas affects the health negatively after a while. Especially in buildings such as offices, hospitals, sports halls where people have to live together, breathing the air in indoor area can be considered equal with breathing sickness. Therefore, the ventilation of indoor areas is of capital importance.

First of all, the indoor and narrow areas are required to be designed in order to be easily ventilated and it is necessary to prevent the objects from obstructing fresh air intake. The fresh air should be permitted to inside from windows.

Keeping the moisture of indoor areas under control is also crucial because it is required to decrease dampness in order to prevent mould which can lead to allergic complaints; the ventilation is also a must for this reason. Through the ventilation, you can stay alive with the fresh air entering, you can work efficiently and protect your health.

4 Eylül 2018